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  • 04:14 Lyrics Travel

    Travel is a song reflecting on hopes and dreams , where our place is in the world and what we want to achieve travelling along this journey we call life. So a great song that could be used in any kind of Travel advertising , Film , Tv  and anything to with reflecting on life itself.


    1st Verse

    I came here to live a dream that’s true to my heart

    I’ve lived a lot seen a lot I’ve worked so hard

    I’ve worked around  the clock you know

    I’ve worked the days and nights

    Felt my sleepy eye's ready for the night

    And I’ve had my highs and lows with all my ups and downs  

    I’ve travelled on this journey                I’ve travelled all around


    You can travel by road  you can fly by plane

    You can take a ride on this one and only train

    We can travel  you and me over land and sea        We’ll get to see the sunrise

    2nd Verse

    I’ve tried to live a simple life  seen a lot through these eyes

    And through the people that I meet   I’ve been there too travelled like you

    Been down that road on struggle street

    And I’ve travelled so far strumming this guitar Playing melodies of my life 

    Chorus Repeat

     3 Rd Verse 

    And I’ve had my highs and lows with all my ups and downs

    I’ve travelled on this journey                I’ve travelled all around

     We’ll get to lay out in the sun , we’ll get to have some fun  We’ll get to stare at the stars at night .

  • 03:10 Lyrics One More Day

    One More Day was inspired by the loss of my father who died at a young age in a fire accident so a very personal song but one of best pieces of my work, with universal lyrics and a beautiful laid back melody it has the ability to truly connect with the audience in a very emotional way.

    If your looking for a song about reminiscing , loss , grief , despair and hope while at the same time has a uplifting quality this track has great potential and would be well placed in film.

    One More Day

    I'm in a empty space where my world has stopped
    Now your memory is all I've got
    You made sense to the world and me
    You filled my heart and walked this earth with me


    Through out the day I'll think of you
    And in my sleep I'll dream of you
    But now it's time to let you go
    It's the hardest part I know


    Goodbyes are the hardest things to say
    Goodbyes are the hardest things to say
    If Only I had one more day
    Just one more day with you
    Goodbyes are the hardest things to say

    Verse 2

    As I look back in time your right by my side
    The moments of joy you brought to my life
    Music will always be our common ground
    But now your heart beats with no sound


  • 03:48 Lyrics One More Day - Instrumental

    A great easy listening piece of piano music that is  Soothing , Emotional, Delicate, Mesmerizing, and Uplifting that could be used in Film , Advertising . TV and more.

  • 03:39 Lyrics Friends Forever

    This is a song that connects with a wider audience and is about friendships and the importance of those friendships a feel good vibe track that could be used in Film , Tv , Advertising in relation to friendships.


    Friends Forever

    I'm Looking Down I'm Looking Up
    Falling into this world

    This is our trouble this is our pain but that's all over now.
    Friends Forever that even the knots of our past cannot break apart.

    The sky is blue the clouds are grey but I can see clearly now
    Just by singing this one song to you.


    We are friends friend's forever
    We are soul soul friends forever
    And nothing can break or tear us apart
    We are linked by the bonds of our past

    Flying on this long windy breeze
    Great white wings spread spread apart
    Everyone should share what I feel
    Shining as the stars are bright
    The sky is blue the clouds are grey but I can see clearly now
    Just by singing this one song to you.

    Chorus Repeat

  • 03:20 Lyrics Angel Eyes

    Angel Eyes is a very easy listening emotional love ballad that was written in a very short space of time the melody the song came to me quite naturally.

    I was also invited to play Angel Eyes at a engagement party and a wedding as the bride to be could really connect with the song. 
    A great song placement for emotional love scenes.

           Angel Eyes   

    Wrapped up in your naked with you lying next to me
    I wanna show the world what you mean to me


    You're my angel eyes the love of my life
    You're my angel eyes and I know why
    You're my angel you're my angel eyes

    You're sweet satin words keep me warm inside
    And it is your faithful love I shall keep for the rest of my life

    Chorus ( repeat )

    Smitten by your tears of soulful love
    Your torch of light will carry me through carry me through.

    Chorus ( repeat )

  • 03:23 Lyrics Eyes Of Fire

    A great catchy cross over country pop tune that has a deeper meaning within the song, it was written when I was going through a difficult period at the time and still searching for my place in the world and developing spiritually as a human being.

    Eyes Of Fire

    Soft as a flower hard as a stone
    To strike the middle worh striving for
    Smile that melts the heart again to make a start
    Seems once again to start falling falling apart.


    To touch your fingers and embrace your smile
    Those eyes eyes of fire
    Everything in me instils my desire you desire
    Just to look into your eyes
    Your eyes of fire

    Verse 2

    The one who has captured my heart
    Both of us seem to be worlds apart
    You are the only one for me
    I travelled searching land land and sea

    Chorus ( Repeat )

    Never find the end to my mystery
    But I thought loneliness would follow me for this enternity

    Chorus ( repeat )

  • 02:52 Lyrics Unity

    A song about Universal love that is without hatred , Prejudice ,Racism , Discrimination , A Unified love that stands up for basic human rights and the freedom of those rights.Inspired by all the events of Terrorism and all the suffering that still happens in the world today due to dictators in parts of the world who supress humanity.


    Turn on the screen and watch the news turn on the TV whatever you choose

    Something going on in this world don't know what it is tell me it's nor real

    So many problems here today the world needs our love today

    Let's give the world a voice so love can find a way.


    There's only one kind of love we all need

    And we'll stand for this love all in Unity

    There's only one kind of love we all need and we'll stand all together all in Unity.


    No matter what your race we all have a face and we'll stand for this love

    for all the human race

    Why divide the people when love can be our temple

    We're in the ocean , in the earth in the stars you and me



    We'll stand up for our freedom

    we'll stand up for our rights

    We'll stand up for the love and peace we all need inside.



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