Angel Eyes



Angel Eyes is a very easy listening emotional love ballad that was written in a very short space of time the melody the song came to me quite naturally.

I was also invited to play Angel Eyes at a engagement party and a wedding as the bride to be could really connect with the song. 
A great song placement for emotional love scenes.

       Angel Eyes   

Wrapped up in your naked with you lying next to me
I wanna show the world what you mean to me


You're my angel eyes the love of my life
You're my angel eyes and I know why
You're my angel you're my angel eyes

You're sweet satin words keep me warm inside
And it is your faithful love I shall keep for the rest of my life

Chorus ( repeat )

Smitten by your tears of soulful love
Your torch of light will carry me through carry me through.

Chorus ( repeat )



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Unity is a song about love but not just any love a universal love that is without prejudice , racism , attachment or Discrimination a unified love that stands up for the basic human rights and the freedom of those rights .












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