Eyes Of Fire



A great catchy cross over country pop tune that has a deeper meaning within the song, it was written when I was going through a difficult period at the time and still searching for my place in the world and developing spiritually as a human being.

Eyes Of Fire

Soft as a flower hard as a stone
To strike the middle worh striving for
Smile that melts the heart again to make a start
Seems once again to start falling falling apart.


To touch your fingers and embrace your smile
Those eyes eyes of fire
Everything in me instils my desire you desire
Just to look into your eyes
Your eyes of fire

Verse 2

The one who has captured my heart
Both of us seem to be worlds apart
You are the only one for me
I travelled searching land land and sea

Chorus ( Repeat )

Never find the end to my mystery
But I thought loneliness would follow me for this enternity

Chorus ( repeat )



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Unity is a song about love but not just any love a universal love that is without prejudice , racism , attachment or Discrimination a unified love that stands up for the basic human rights and the freedom of those rights .












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