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Travel is a song reflecting on hopes and dreams , where our place is in the world and what we want to achieve travelling along this journey we call life. So a great song that could be used in any kind of Travel advertising , Film , Tv  and anything to with reflecting on life itself.


1st Verse

I came here to live a dream that’s true to my heart

I’ve lived a lot seen a lot I’ve worked so hard

I’ve worked around  the clock you know

I’ve worked the days and nights

Felt my sleepy eye's ready for the night

And I’ve had my highs and lows with all my ups and downs  

I’ve travelled on this journey                I’ve travelled all around


You can travel by road  you can fly by plane

You can take a ride on this one and only train

We can travel  you and me over land and sea        We’ll get to see the sunrise

2nd Verse

I’ve tried to live a simple life  seen a lot through these eyes

And through the people that I meet   I’ve been there too travelled like you

Been down that road on struggle street

And I’ve travelled so far strumming this guitar Playing melodies of my life 

Chorus Repeat

 3 Rd Verse 

And I’ve had my highs and lows with all my ups and downs

I’ve travelled on this journey                I’ve travelled all around

 We’ll get to lay out in the sun , we’ll get to have some fun  We’ll get to stare at the stars at night .



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Unity is a song about love but not just any love a universal love that is without prejudice , racism , attachment or Discrimination a unified love that stands up for the basic human rights and the freedom of those rights .












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