Markus Meo
Markus Meo


A song about Universal love that is without hatred , Prejudice ,Racism , Discrimination , A Unified love that stands up for basic human rights and the freedom of those rights.Inspired by all the events of Terrorism and all the suffering that still happens in the world today due to dictators in parts of the world who supress humanity.


Turn on the screen and watch the news turn on the TV whatever you choose

Something going on in this world don't know what it is tell me it's nor real

So many problems here today the world needs our love today

Let's give the world a voice so love can find a way.


There's only one kind of love we all need

And we'll stand for this love all in Unity

There's only one kind of love we all need and we'll stand all together all in Unity.


No matter what your race we all have a face and we'll stand for this love

for all the human race

Why divide the people when love can be our temple

We're in the ocean , in the earth in the stars you and me



We'll stand up for our freedom

we'll stand up for our rights

We'll stand up for the love and peace we all need inside.





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