You Make Me Smile

by Markus Meo

Released 2018
Markus Meo Enetertainment
Released 2018
Markus Meo Enetertainment
You Make Me smile is a beautiful easy listening track about the love we have for our children.

Unity (Instrumental)

Unity Instrumental is a great cinematic feel soundtrack that touches the heart !!

(C) (P) 2018 Markus Meo Entertainment

Let's Be Together

Let's Be Together is a contemporary pop love song that is too listen and sing along to.

(c) (P) 2018 Markus Meo Entertainment

Unity (Remix)

(C) (P) 2018 Markus Meo Entertainment


Unity is a song that was inspired to be created by all the terrorism events that are happening all around the world today.
A Unified love that stands up for love and peace , equality , basic human rights and the freedom of those rights.
A Special thank you to all who contributed to the track.
Lead Guitar - Philip J. Ockelford , Flute - Noam Goldstein , Guitar & Bass Guitar Jared Cattoor , Highland Bagpipes - William Thayer and Cinematic drumming - Haritha Danjaya.


A song that reflects on hopes and dreams , where our place is in the world and what we want to achieve travelling along our own journey we call life.

(C) (P) 2016 Markus Meo Entertainment Limited
A special thank you to Stephen K. Donnelly on Bass , FACS on Mandolin , Ori Shlez on Piano and Hana Maria on Violin who contributed to the track.

One More Day

This song One More Day is dedicated to all of us who have lost someone in life , it was inspired by the loss of my father who died in a fire accident at a young age.

(c) (P) 2014 Markus Meo Entertainment Limited

Angel Eyes

(c) (P) 2014 Markus Meo Entertainment Limited

Eyes of Fire

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(C) (P) 1995 Markus Meo Entertainment Limited


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