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Markus Meo is a artist that represents the human spirit through the messages in his songs about love , loss , human right's

, universal love and anything that feels creative at the time, making the essential connection through the hearts of his listeners.

Sometimes profound lyrics interesting compositions with artistic expression , contemporary Indie pop is the soundscape architecture of Markus Meo.

And independent Artist , songwriter producer from Australia.  

 An independent artist , songwriter producer from Australia he adopted his unique artist name Meo  from a family maiden name. 

Migrating to Australia with his parents at an early age , the musical journey would begin when he became became a member of a pipe band learning to play side drums.

During these early years Markus grew up in a radio station assisting his father , a volunteer radio announcer  at a community radio station which exposed him to many generations of artists and music. This would not only give him a senses of real passion for music but influence the artist even more so as a songwriter and producer .                     

Over the years he went on to explore performing with various bands as a drummer while at the same time developing his musical skills , and his own unique song writing style.


Profound lyrics & interesting rhythmic beats with a little experimentation, contemporary indie pop is the soundscape architecture of Markus Meo. 




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