The Mr Meo story , the ups and downs of life !! 


He goes on to say , I was at a talent show in Darwin ( Northern Territory ) and was about to go on stage to a crowd of 5,000 people for my performance and there was this beautiful lady back stage chatting like we knew each other , this would turn out to be ( Jessica Mauboy ) who has such a beautiful soulful voice. 

( In March of  2018  A young man was on a world tour performing at Adelaide oval to a crowd of 65,000 people with just his guitar ,  Working that night at  Adelaide oval stadium doing security , I was fortunate enough to be looking after not only his dressing room but also Missy Higgins as she was the main support act . Another beautiful soul , go and see her if you get the chance , her personality shines on and off stage.  

( So here I was outside the dressing room with this young man and his cup of honey tea ( a vocal remedy must for constant vocal activity ) he was very quiet and reserved but managed to say hi ( hows it going in his cool English accent,) a pretty humble person really considering your one of the biggest names in music. Before I knew it he was whizzing off in the golf buggy with his security team, always a funny sight to see , famous people taking a ride in a golf buggy , not your typical rock star limousine or fancy car entrance that's for sure !!  

( The man was of the course music whiz ED Sheeran !! )  

The security team of people I have worked with over the years are some of the best people in the business , and they know I   have a passion for music , mixing and producing , so they would sometimes station me at the mixing desk when different music events or festivals were on. 

One such highlight was Elton Johns farewell yellow brick road tour in 2020. I was sitting at the front of the mixing desk which was pretty amazing as it was like having the best seat in the house, but I still had a job to do so couldn't fully let go & enjoy the show, but it was still pretty awesome.  

Anyway there were these other seats reserved for special VIP guests part of the Elton crew , and there was this VIP in particular who was sitting on front of the mixing desk floor stage right next to me. I kept saying to my self I've seen this person before where do I know him from , but when it comes down to these situations it's best to stay professional  as you don't know what the reaction will be.  

The smile and admiration on this mans face watching Elton John perform and the way he was really listening to the arrangements of the music , kept me so intrigued and then it finally occurred to me aha ( Of course it's Bernie Taupin  Elton Johns Lyric writer of 50 years  wow I had to pinch myself in disbelief !! ) 


At just 13 years of age he was in a horrific car accident with his father after hitting six cattle at night on a main highway, they were both extremely lucky to survive. 


In January of 1993 a devastating boat accident would be the next twist of fate that would not only have a profound effect on the artist but on his family too. They were on a family fishing trip at sea when a few giant freak waves came from no where , putting a hole in the back of the boat , the family finally had to leave the boat treading water for 16 hours in extreme wild weather conditions, before being rescued by a helicopter the next morning suffering from over exhaustion and hypothermia during the ordeal. 

An interesting work history he worked a paper round at 11 yr's of age  helping to buy his first real drum kit. He has worked as a Retail Assistant , A Delivery Driver , A Foreman Factory Worker , A Hotel House Keeper , A Store Man , A Security Guard & pretty much everything in between ( Anything to Survive )  


In 1994 was the loss of his father at only age 49 in a fire accident which came as a great sadness as they were both passionate about music.  His father loved playing the piano accordion & the electric organ, the best memories of his father will always be what Markus calls the radio station days. 


A self confessed taught guitarist at age fifteen Mr Meo started to incorporate his own sense of rhythm into his guitar playing , giving him the ability to improvise and express his own unique style of playing & developing his own style of song writing.  In April 2015 he was Accepted into  The unsigned initiative for artists to gain local & national radio airplay on Australian community radio. 


He has performed at many event's , fundraisers and venues including performing on the streets as a busker and has a flair for creating and producing new music.