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  1. One More Day


<p>One More Day was inspired by the loss of my father who died at a young age in a fire accident so a very personal song but one of best pieces of my work,&nbsp;with universal lyrics and a beautiful laid back melody it has&nbsp;the ability&nbsp;to truly connect with the audience in a very emotional way. <br /><br />If your looking for a song about reminiscing , loss , grief , despair and hope while at the same time has a uplifting quality this&nbsp;track has great potential&nbsp;and would be well placed in film.</p>
<p>One More Day</p>
<p>I'm in a empty space where my world has stopped <br />Now your memory is all I've got <br />You made sense to the world and me<br />You filled my heart and walked this earth with me<br /><br />Bridge<br /><br />Through out the day I'll think of you <br />And in my sleep I'll dream of you <br />But now it's time to let you go <br />It's the hardest part I know<br /><br />Chorus <br /><br />Goodbyes are the hardest things to say <br />Goodbyes are the hardest things to say <br />If Only I had one more day <br />Just one more day with you <br />Goodbyes are the hardest things to say <br /><br />Verse 2<br /><br />As I look back in time your right by my side <br />The moments of joy you brought to my life <br />Music will always be our common ground<br />But now your heart beats with no sound<br /><br />Bridge<br />Chorus</p>